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Episode 5

The single biggest reason that someone with a concussion will need legal assistance is over long-term disability insurance coverage. Roughly half of all LTD claims are rejected by insurers, and as an invisible injury, the process of getting coverage can be especially challenging for those with a concussion.

To help us navigate these potentially choppy waters, we’re thrilled to have Kim Patenaude as our guest. She is a lawyer with Raven Law in Ottawa, specializing in employment law, and an expert in long-term disability insurance.

In this episode Kim walks us through the differences between short- and long-term disability coverage, how and when to make the transition, the crucial role of doctors and specialists in getting approval for LTD coverage, and some helpful hints on managing the paperwork and when to turn to a professional for help.



2:40 – What is Long-term Disability Insurance4:10 – Transitioning from Short-term to Long-term Disability
4:45 – Understanding the Elimination Period
5:07 – Definition of the Elimination Period
5:50 – Time frame for submitting LTD forms, asking for more time to gather the forms
7:07 – Best practices for making the filing process easier
8:09 – Definition of total disability
9:00 – Your doctors’ role in explaining your disability on their form

• What is a concussion – For Medical Professionals (cattonline.com)

12:10 – Using 3rd party help in filing out the forms (if you can’t)
13:30 – What if you’re denied
16:40 – which is better? Your family doctor or a specialist?
17:40 – Forms are submitted, what’s next?
18:40 – what to do if the insurance company calls you at home?
21:00 – the appeals process
24:00 – Filing a statement of claim against the insurance company, the role of a lawyer

More information on WSIB and Motor Vehicle Insurance process: https://youtu.be/YbBLNXa3BkM


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Kim Patenaude, LLB

Kim Patenaude provides practical advice and representation to individual clients on issues such as wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, severance packages, employment contracts, non-compete clauses, long term disability benefit claims, WSIB/Workers’ compensation, discrimination, harassment, and accommodation.


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